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Nature & Outdoor Activities

Särna, in the heart of Scandinavia - is surrounded by mountains, forests and waters, in the first and most accessible wilderness area in Sweden for those coming from the South. It's a perfect starting point for those wishing to take an active vacation in the nature in any season of the year, and for nature enthusiasts, birdwatchers and photographers

Within the range of 80 km there are 4 National Parks and about forty nature reserves, with wonderful forest, wet areas and mountains habitats. 


The main attraction is the recently established (2002) Fulufjället National Park

It's the first mountain and unspoiled area of the Scandinavian Alps going northward, one of the very few so untouched in center-south Sweden, and it looks like an undulating upland 15 km wide and 34 km long, at 1000 m of altitude. 

Old Tjikko, in the Fulufjället Nat. Park, is

the oldest tree on the planet (9550 years)


This scenic and easily approachable plateau is surrounded by wooded slopes furrowed by narrow ravines; this is the only mountain in Sweden where reindeers are not grazing, and the result is an endless white carpet of reindeer lichen. 

At the North-East end of the Park, in a very scenic site, lies Njupeskär, the highest waterfall of the whole Country (93 m).

Trails system is well developed, with about 140 km of marked paths, and the possibility to overnight on the tableau.


Dalarna is rich in nature reserves. Within a range of 80 km from Särna you can find about forty, and some of them are immense. At the same distance there are the wild Töfsingdalen National Park, and the national parks Gutulia and Femundsmarka in Norway.


To read more on Fulufjället and the main nature reserves, go to this page of Vitantonio's photography website.


Vitantonio is a 

professional nature photographer

He gives workshops and photo classes, even tailored on demand and/or for individuals. He's also available as nature guide.

paddling i Särnasjön

Njupeskär, the highest Swedish waterfall


The area is a paradise for outdoor activities: hiking and long distance trekking, canoeing on Särna lake or along the river Osterälvdalen, riding; for those who appreciate this kind of thing, the area is considered one of the best for fishing.

In winter, of course, there are great possibilities for skiing (both Alpine and cross-country) snowmobile or dog-sledge tours.


In winter, of course, there are great possibilities to enjoy skiing (both Alpine and cross-country), as well as husky sledging and snowmobiles (through a network of 120 km of tracks) both in Särna and in the surrounding areas.

In Särna you'll find a cross-country course (with lights for night skiing). The renowned ski resorts Idre Fjäll and Fjätervålen are just 40 km far.




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